Saturday Smile: Autumn

Autumn burned brightly, a running flame through the mountains, a torch flung to the trees. -Faith Baldwin, American Family

Like American Express said (or do they say it still?), "...Never leave home without it."

My "it" is a camera.  If there's no room to carry my DSLR then I almost always have my point and shoot tucked in a pocket or pouch.  It's an absolute must to have something available to click with should my itchy trigger finger find something to click!

I saw this tree as I pulled into a parking spot today.  The sun was hitting all of the colors in a very harsh way but Oh! How it made me smile!!

Autumn is officially just days away.

It could easily be my favorite season, if not for the increasing lack of daylight.

The red, orange and yellow hues glow like fire embers among both our blue and gray skies.

I can easily be caught staring up at their stunning beauty.

I'm so thankful that when God said to make "one of every kind," He DID!! Especially when it comes to trees and flowers and grasses.

I just completed my Summer Bucket List this past Sunday so I thought it only fitting that I come up with my Autumn Bucket List for this year:

Visit a Pumpkin Patch (with camera)
Go through a Corn Maze (with camera)
Plant bright yellow mums by the front and back doors
Go for a walk in a place filled with fallen leaves just to hear them crunch underfoot (with camera)
Go for a photo walk/drive to capture Autumn beauty (with camera)
Soak up the view of Autumn leaves blowing in the breeze/wind (maybe with camera)
Breathe in the crisp cool morning air that follows the warm sunny days (definitely with camera)
Capture clicks of fog rising off the water
Cozy up in my living room with soft blankets, candles, twinkle lights, my knitting, warm cups of tea and a really good movie.

This list makes my heart smile with anticipation.

What's making yours smile today?
Are you looking forward to Autumn?
Do you make "bucket" lists?


  1. Autumn is possibly my favorite season. The colors are so rich and vivid.

    1. The colors are glorious.... yes they are!

  2. what a super idea to make the autumn bucket list... I have lost my desire to take photos, to go out of the house, to do anything including blogging. i will have to think about making a list like this and maybe that will motivate me to do something or anything.... have never made a bucket list.

    1. I'm so sorry you've lost your desire to take photos. I understand though.... as I go through phases like that, too. My bucket list for each Season seems to help me LIVE so I'm going to keep up with it (I hope!)