Five Minute (and then some) Friday - Blue

There was a time when I did not miss writing on my blog for even one day.

Something happened.  I don't know what or why.... but I stopped.

The house is dark right now.

There is just a little light coming through the sheers and as I stare beyond the fabric I can see just a hint of the blue sky.

Blue skies cheer me when I'm down.

Thankfully, we've had many blue sky days in the Pacific Northwest over the past many months.

However, I've yet to "pick up my pen" and write.

I read articles and words scramble through my brain daring me to put them down on paper.

Sometimes my flowing words actually land on a permanent surface.  Other times, they slide to an end at a destination yet unknown.

I have felt for a long time that God wants me to write my story. Usually it is fear.  Scratch that.  It is fear.

I fear what family and friends will think because yes, some of them read my blog. 

I've stated a few times right here on my space on the web that I was going to spill it all.  Something stops me. 

Maybe it's the enemy who doesn't want me to share my truth.  Perhaps it's the perfectionist in me that doesn't want the rest of the world to know I struggle owning who I really am.

I know I am not my past.

I am not my present or my future.

I am a beloved child of God (per the Bible) and I rarely act or feel like it.

Perhaps there isn't a precise or perfect way to start up the ol' blog bandwagon. 

Maybe, just maybe I can stick my toe back into the writing waters with this post. 

Prayers are appreciated.  My knees have just begun their knocking.

I'll catch you on the other side of another click....



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  1. it looks like you are already writing to me. good luck