Comfort Cuppa of Love

Sadness has been overwhelming these days.

I lost my Pawbaby, Doogie in January of this year.  His sweet heart had grown too big and his lungs filled with fluid that had him struggling for breath within mere minutes.   

It was and is a shock.

I miss him.  Greatly.

And, as his Grammy says, "That little dog left a really big hole in our hearts."


My mom, man-friend and sister-friend have been so supportive and I can't tell you how much that has meant to me. 

Anyone who has loved a companion animal knows they are much more than just pets.  They are family members.  And, mine was truly my PAWBABY.

He rescued me much more than I rescued him.  And, I'd do it all over again, too.

My man-friend was bent on easing my grief so he got me out for some Click time.

We ended up at a non-chain coffee shop that was/is beyond delightful.

The Barista, upon seeing my Clicking antics came over and asked if I'd like something even prettier to take pictures of.  I jumped for joy when she brought me this beautiful "Comfort Cuppa of Love."

I thanked her profusely and told her that she made my day brighter due to the grief I was feeling.

She then brought me an unexpected and very lovely Espresso drink followed by another staff member with a plate of gorgeous food.

They brought me props!  To take Clicks of!  Just to help me feel better!

I was a complete stranger.  Just a customer walking in off the street. And the kindness they showed was such a gift (from God).  

Strangers paying kindness forward to other strangers.

My heart still swoons at the beauty of the treats as well as the beauty within the hearts of the staff.

I pray God blesses them beyond measure and they are repaid in a special way unique to each of them at just the right time.

I hope you have a very happy and Click filled day!

PS:  I signed up to take Kim Klassen's The Studio Online course this year.

The first assignment was "Cuppa."   I thought this Comfort Cuppa of Love was a perfect way to document such amazing kindness.

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