Blessed by one Word

Life is the sum of all your choices. ~Albert Camus

It's Sunday morning.

My phone rang and a dear friend's name popped up on my caller ID.

She's a friend I met through blogging several years ago and one I've been blessed to keep in contact with.

Both of us have illnesses that have surprised us and taken us to places in life we never thought we'd go.

I wrote her an email the other day to check in and say Hi.  She later informed me that one word in my email struck a chord with her.  The word I wrote was "Alone" .... as in I feel very alone much of the time.  That word resonated with her.

Dealing with illness is a scary thing - especially when there are so many unknowns and when so many people in your life don't understand the changes you are forced to make.  Walls of all types close in on you whether or not your want them to.

My friend reminded me that while we are alone much of the time Jesus is always right beside us.  And, that is a comfort.

There was one word in her reply that struck a chord in me.  That word was "Gratitude."  She seems to be filled with it while I, on the other hand, have not been.

Seeing her write about her thankfulness turned my attitude around and I've been trying to keep my mind in a thankful frame of mind which has greatly improved my outlook on life.

Two other words have become a focus for me as well.  Those words are, "I choose...."

We all have choices in this life.  And, I've realized I've made unconscious decisions in my life that I really don't like.  

I realized my indecision became a choice.  I still chose without being fully aware of it.  Boo on me.  

I've decided to try and be very conscious about my choices.  It's kind of empowering, especially when I include God in them!

Here's some examples:

I choose to be thankful despite my circumstances.

I choose to trust and have faith even when I don't feel like it.

I choose!!

I choose to end here by saying that I am filled with Gratitude for my friend living in the mid-West.  I'm thankful for the way she popped into my life when my world turned upside down.  I'm grateful that she continues to bless me .... one word at a time.

Thank you, my friend, for being you!

This post, "Blessed by One Word," was posted first on on May 15, 2016.


  1. i like the quote life is the sum of all your choices. i do beleive that and have seen what my choices did.. glad your friend called to remind you of what you already knew...

  2. Thank you for sharing these words.Yes,life really is about the choices we make. I can choose to see the cup half empty or half full.Hope today is a good day for you.Keep on sharing these words of encouragement and blessing.

  3. Soooo true sweetie. Life is a choice, I've said that many times myself. We get up and choose to have a good day. We choose to be happy. We choose to love those around us and we choose to make the best of our situations. Please my friend, never ever feel alone.

    God bless you richly with His presence.

  4. And I am blessed by you!