Got Ball?

"Got Ball?" fits my little Levi perfectly.

This precious Pawbaby of mine could play 24 hours a day ... or close to it!

One of his many yellow balls are the first thing he runs for (after his morning potty) and next to the last thing he plays with before bed.  (The last is his very own stuffed 'baby' to hold and cuddle.)

You will find more happiness growing down than up. ~Author Unknown

At this very moment he is lying next to the couch.  The ball is hanging from his teeth by thin strings of yellow fuzz.  He is dancing with it, jumping in the air and tossing it around and around until it finally lands near me. 

Oh Levi, you crack me up.

You do keep me young (at heart!)

I'm thankful for your reminder that life doesn't have to be so serious.

Little One, you are always a bright spot of happiness in my day.

You are my gift from God.

And, I'm so grateful.

So very grateful.

This post, "Got Ball?" was first written and posted by Stacey Dawn on (Dawning Inspiration," 6/8/2016.  © All Rights Reserved.


  1. he is so cute and Jake loves his ball to.. and all of this is true, we consider Jake in all the ways you stated here.